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Impulse interrupter

EL-20 - impulse interrupter

Impulse interrupter EL-20 is intended for the creation of the blinking effect of the light warning in the circuits of AC or DC with rated voltage of 110 or 220 V.

The interrupter is turned on consistently with alarm lamps (rated current from 0,1 to 2,5 A) and has a fuse (with limit current of 5 A) for the protection against short-circuits in external chains.

The device construction provides the mounting by means of projection mounting with front wires connection by screw on the DIN-rail (35) or on the plate.

Working position in the space is any one. It is possible to connect two wires with a section up to 2,5mm2 to each terminal.

Main characteristics

The name of the characteristics Value
Impulse duration 0,5 sec
Pause duration 0,5 sec
Impulse ratio Q=1
The range of the working temperature -40...+55 ºC
Voltage tolerance from rated voltage, % -20, +20
Power consumption, not more than:
110 V
220 V

1 W
2 W
Outside dimensions 45х70х105 mm
Linkage dimensions 35х60 mm
The weight of the interrupter, not more than 0,3 kg

Outside dimensions

EL-20 - outside dimensions