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We offer services in manufacturing of details, products from metal, accessories and assemblies by a method of machining.

The technical capabilities of the enterprise are as follows:

  • Processing of sheet metal rolled products;
  • Roller cutting of metal;
  • Turning;
  • Milling;
  • Cold pressure forming of material on coordinate presses;
  • Bending press;
  • Material cutting (guillotine shears);
  • Cold heading and thread-rolling operations;
  • Spring winding (compression, tension, torsion);
  • Thermal processing.

Procurement activities. Cutting of black and colored materials.

Cutting of sheet material with thickness up to 4.0 mm . Workpiece length - up to 1200 mm. Cutting of coiled material with thickness up to 2.0 mm. Cutting is carried out on guillotine shears of type N-3316G, N-3118.
Cutting of coiled material with thickness from 0.05 mm to 2.0 mm (MU2418, ND-1).
Cutting of "round wood" of large diameters (hacksaw N-1).

Pressure forming and bending of parts.

Pressure forming with using of all-purpose stamp or tooling of customer. Manufacturing of tooling and accessories provided that an order for manufacturing of parts (products) will take place in the future.
Mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic presses (RUE25, KD, K-1128, KD-2128) and other types of presses with stresses from 0,5 t to 100 t.
Stamping machines PA-10, MAG-05, MAG-12 with stresses up to 25 t.

Manufacture of parts by turning method.

Metalworking of parts on turning machines (lathes) МН-80, ТВ-320, 1К62, 16Д16АФ1, ФТ-11.
Metalworking of parts on turning automatic machines and turret lathes (types: 1331, ATA, MR, AWA). Maximum diameter of processed rod is up to 40 mm.

Milling operations.

Metalworking of parts on milling machines (types: 67K25PO2, 375P, 6D81Sh) and engraving copy milling machine 6T463.

Locksmith manufacturing of parts, assemblies, products, equipment:

NT Guillotine, angle intersection, bending machine, thread-cutting machines of RN type, universal machines (cutting, bending), carbon dioxide welding machine PDG-216, contact welding, drilling machines (2M112, 2N118, 2L135, radial-drilling 2K521).

Grinding and sharpening operations.

Surface grinding machines (710, 711); circular grinding machine 3U10 ; sharpening machine 3E642.

Thermal treatment of parts in chamber, induction and vacuum electric furnaces (types: SNO, SShTsM, EVT). Types of thermal treatment: steel hardening (1200 ˚С); cementation ; steel annealing.

The following information is required to determine the cost of a machining order:

  • Drawing or sketch with dimensions.
  • Product material.
  • Monthly or one-time order volume.
  • Terms and conditions of delivery.

Contact person (concerning contract manufacturing):
Vitaliy Polyakovskiy
ph. number: +38 (044) 500-61-46
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.