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Intermediate Electromagnetic Relays

ПЭ45Н - реле промежуточное

There are slow-speed relays (at switching off from 0,05 s to 1,0 s); relays with switching on time not more than 0,05s; DC/AC with neutral relay.


The intermediate electromagnetic relays PE45N are intended for using in the protection circuits, control and automation of the electrical power equipment for the switching of the electric loads in the DC circuit with rated voltage 24V…230V and AC circuit with rated voltage 24V…400V (50 Hz and 60 Hz).

Working conditions

The range of the working temperature: -40 °С … +55 °С.
Shaking effect:
     - in the range of the frequencies to 15 Hz with an acceleration of 3g;
     - in the range of the frequencies to (15-100) Hz with an acceleration of 1g.

Technical characteristics

Rated voltage of switched circuit, V:
     direct current
     alternating current

24 - 230
24 - 400
Minimum current of contacts, A:
     at a voltage of 24 V
     at a voltage of 110 V and more

Protection level:
     screw terminal

Insulation test voltage, V:
     among all electrically independent circuits, connected together, and relay enclosure
     among electrically independent circuits
     among open contacts of each contact sets
     between actuating and holding-upcoils

2 500
2 500
1 000
Isolation resistance of the dry and pure relay which wasn't in operation , МОм, not less:
     relay in cold condition
     relay in warm condition

Mechanical durability, cycles, not less 100 000
Electrical endurance, cycles, not less 50 000


  • The number of contacts makes up 6 groups in different combinations (make and break contacts);
  • The actuating time of the slow-speed PE45N relay makes up not more than 0,05 s; the release time – from 0,03 s to 1,0 s.
  • The actuating limit of the DC relay is within 0,6-0,7 Urated; and release limit – not less 0,3 Urated (it counteracts the false actuating of the relay);
  • The power consumption of the coils not more than 6 W (for DC voltage), not more than 10 VA (for AC voltage), that provides the possibility of the switching-in/switching-off of the relay by means of low-power contacts of the instrument relays;
  • The switching capacity of the relay contacts allows to control by the coils of the switching-in/switching-off of the vacuum and oil switches;
  • There is the possibility of the visual observation of a condition and movement of contacts without removal of the enclosure (there is a transparent cover in the location of contacts), and also in the version of using module via transparent enclosure;
  • Relay construction provides the mounting by means of projection mounting on a vertical surface with the fastening by the screw or on DIN-rail with front/back wires connection (in the same version without additional details, studs, etc.). Working position in the space – any;
  • Incombustibility and fire resisting property according to requirements for the devices which are not serviced during warranty period:
    - enclosure: to 650 °С;
    - terminal blocks and units holding current-carrying parts: to 960°С;
  • Taking into account the immunity to mechanical influences and main parameters, the relays are suitable for application on nuclear power plants;
  • Relay outputs allow to connect two wires with section 0,12‑1,5 mm² (solder contact) and 0,75‑2,5 mm² (screw terminal);
  • Relay contacts: make contacts and break contacts;
  • Connection circuits, outside dimensions, linkage dimensions, contacts combination (kind and quantity) of the relays PE45N сcorrespond and provide possible replacement relays RP18‑4, RP18‑5, RP18‑6, RP18‑8, RP18‑9, RP252, RP256, REP37‑121, REP37‑221, REP96‑4, REP96‑5, REP96‑6 and relay PE45-20-50 corresponds to relays RP252, RP256 in full.

Benefits PE40-PE46

Benefits PE40-PE46

Outside dimensions

PE40-PE46 - outside  dimensions
Outside, linkage and connection dimensions of the relay (screw terminal)
with front/back connection of the wires

PE40-PE46 - outside  dimensions
The mounting on relay panel with screw terminal
and back conductors connection

Connection diagram

PE45N - connection diagram

Rated parameters of the relay PE45N- Actuating coil Holding-up coil Actuating /
/ release
-20 Urated, V =110 DC =220 DC ~100 AC ~220 (230) AC =48 DC not more than 0,8 /
/ not less 0,15 Urated
Z=Ra, Оm 7860 18340 5260 11580 1450
P, W (VА) 1,6 2,7 (2,0) (4,2) 1,6

Convention structure of the type of the relay (PE40 – PE45N) at the order

PE40 - type of the relay

At the order of the relay it is necessary to indicate additionally: rated voltage (Urated) and rated current (Irated) of the coils (look at the table above), the way of the external wires connection (front/back), the way of the relay mounting (DIN-rail, screw terminal). At the order of the module (separate from the relay) it is necessary to indicate the voltage of the relay coils (look at the table above).

PE40-PE46 - Mounting on the DIN-rail
PE40-PE46 - Mounting on the DIN-rail
Mounting on the DIN-rail
PE40-PE46 - additional module
Additional module