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High-precision Time Relay

VL-173...VL-179 - high-precision time relay
  • Universal power supply AC/DC 24 - 220 V
  • Wide range of settings in one modification 0,1 s - 99,9 h
  • Discrete setting of time delay
  • 2 groups of change-over contacts
  • Indication of supply power and actuating
  • High precision of work

Technical characteristics

Power supply  
Supply voltage:
     - universal
     - discrete

AC/DC 24-220 V 50/60 Hz (VL-179: AC/DC 110-220 V)
AC 220 V 50/60 Hz; AC/DC 110 V, 127 V
Power consumption, not more than 6,5 W
Indication of supply voltage green light-emitting diode
The range of time-lag from 0,1 s to 99,9 h (subranges)
Discretization of the time-lag 0,001 Tmax of subrange (0,01 Tmax for VL-178)
Quantity and type of the output contacts 2 change-over contacts (ch.-ov.c.) (VL-173: 1 make contact (m.c.)+1 break contact (b.c.)+1 ch.-ov. c.)
Long current of the output contacts 4 А
Make power 1000 VA / АС 1, 18 W / DC
Make voltage 220 V (АС 1), 24 V (DC)
Output indication red light-emitting diode
Accuracy class 0,5/0,01 (VL-173...VL-177);
0,5/0,1 (VL-178)
1,5/0,02 (VL-179)
Mechanical durability 3х107cycles
The range of working temperature -20...+50 °С
The level of enclosure protection IP30
Outside dimensions, (weight) 90х53х70 mm (0,3 kg)

Relay functions

Type of relay Function Chart of work Time-lag Contacts
VL-173 Time-lag for switching-in and
the contact of immediate action
0,1 s -99,9 ch/td> 1m.c.
VL-174 Switching-in at disappearing of Упр.
signal and switching-off through
the set time
0,1 s -99,9 ch 2ch.-ov.c.
VL-175 Switching-in at appearing of Упр.
signal and switching-off through
the set time after at disappearing of Упр.
0,1 s -99,9 h 2ch.-ov.c.
VL-176 Time-lag for switching-in 0,1 s -99,9 h 2ch.-ov.c.
VL-177 Time-lag for switching-off
(formation of an impulse
of the set duration)
0,1 s -99,9 h 2ch.-ov.c.
ВЛ-178 Cyclic with independent
control, it is begun with a "pause" (Т2)
or an "impulse" (Т1)

0,1 s -99,9 h 2ch.-ov.c.
VL-179 Time-lag at disappearing
of power supply
0,1 s -99,9 h 2ch.-ov.c.
Uпит - supply voltage; Упр - control (dry contact); m.c. - make contact; b.c. - break contact; ch.-ov.c. – change-over contact.

At the order it is necessary to point: modification and supply voltage.

Example of order: "Time relay VL-173".