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Voltage Control Device
UKN-01, UKN-01M, UKN-01M2

UKN-01M2 - Voltage Control Device



The voltage control device is used for continuous automatic control of voltage circuits serviceability of windings of the voltage measuring transformers collected in the open-delta connection.

The device is intended for the mounting on the panels and control panels of the relay halls, in the relay cases and compartments of the complete switchgears.

The unit UKN-01 provides realization of the following functions:

  • measurement of the voltage instant effective value of the input signal;
  • selection and measurement of the component effective value with a frequency of 150 Hz;
  • indication of effective value of an input signal or its component at a frequency of 150 Hz (for choice);
  • device action with the set time delay at excess of the input voltage of the given setting;
  • device action with the set time delayin case of reduction of the frequency component of 150 Hz of the input voltage below the given setting;
  • fixation of the input voltage value at the moment of the device action.

Main technical parameters

Parameters UKN-01 UKN-01М
Operational supply voltage, V = 220; ~220 = 220; ~220
Allowable limits of operational supply voltage, V 90-250 90-250
Rated voltage of input signal with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 100 100
Range of the measured voltage, V 0,05-9,0 0,02–9,0
Settings range for cases of exceeding of AC input voltage with a frequency of 50 Hz, V 0,05–9,0 0,3–9,0
Settings range for cases of reduction of AC voltage with a frequency of 150 Hz, V 0,05–9,0 0,02–9,0
Discreteness of settings change for cases of exceeding or reduction of input voltage of device action, V 0,01 0,01
Settings range of device action time, sec 0,5 – 8,0 0,1 - 9,9
Power consumption in a control circuit under Uin.=100 V, VA, not more than 1,0 1,0
Power consumption in a power circuit, VA, not more than 5,0 5,0
Reset ratio after reduction of measured voltage below given setting of device action 0,9 – 0,95 0,9 – 0,95

The maximum switched power of the output relay in the DC circuit makes up not more than 30 W undert = 0,02s, voltage – not high than 220 V, current – not high than 1 А ; in the AC circuit the power makes up 700 VA under voltage - not high than 250 V, current – not high than 3 А. At the same time the long allowable current of the output contacts shall be not more than 8 A, the minimum switched current at least 0,01 A at a voltage of 24 V.

Voltage drop at the contacts shall be not more than 0,5 V. Total number of switchings for the device – at least 100 000 cycles.

Mechanical durability - at least 106 cycles.

Mass of the device - not more than 0,6 kg.

Working conditions: ambient temperature -20…+50°С; relative humidity of air under 25°С - not high than 95%;