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Contract Manufacturing

LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY «SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION ENTERPRISE «RELSiS» (Ukraine, Kyiv) is ready to implement in the shortest possible time new products and parts according to the customer's documentation, as well as to develop new solutions by our own design office.

We provide the customer with the possibility of complex solution of production tasks at all stages of production: development, technical design, redesign, production of samples of products, possibility of working on raw materials supplied by the customer, manufacture and installation of printed circuit boards, selection and production of plastic, metal welded or prefabricated enclosures, testing of electronic devices, casting of plastics, metal processing, packaging of products. At the enterprise the modern laboratory base equipped with the advanced devices and stands for carrying out of research and development works and tests is created.

Main directions of production activity of the enterprise LLC “SPE “RELSiS”:

Manufacture of electronics and electrical equipment Metalworking Injection molding

Manufacture of electronics and electrical equipment:

  • Design of printed circuit boards.
  • Surface mounting of printed circuit boards (Installation of Components and Soldering).
  • Through hole technology: forming, installation, soldering of DIP-components. Washing of printed circuit boards in a bath with a washing liquid and use of ultrasound.
  • Manufacture of inductance coils for chokes or transformers.
  • Manufacture of special terminals with screw clamps.
  • Application of marking by silk-screen or tampo printing; application of cable marking by thermal printer.
  • Application of protective coatings by spraying.
  • Checking, setting up and testing of finished products.

Plastic casting under pressure:

  • Shock-proof polystyrene of different grades, PSS polystyrene and analogue, polypropylene, high-pressure/low-pressure polyethylene, ABS plastics, polycarbonate, glass-filled and talc-filled polyamides, copolymers based on formaldehyde and dioxolan.
  • Manufacture of small gear wheels.
  • Services for product design and press mold manufacturing.

Mechanical tooling:

  • Manufacture of stamps, development of tools and accessories.
  • Cutting and cabin of metal.
  • Milling, turning, coordinate-boring operations.
  • Pressure forming of metal.
  • Spring winding (compression, tension, torsion).
  • Grinding operations and tool sharpening.


  • Application of cable marking by thermal printer.
  • Production of nameplates.
  • Making an image on three-dimensional objects with complex surface geometry, as well as on hard-to-reach places of products by silk-screen printing or tampon-printing.

Contact person (concerning contract manufacturing):
Vitaliy Polyakovskiy
ph. number: +38 (044) 406-62-62
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