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The Policy of the Limited Liability Company
“Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”
in the field of Quality

ISO 9001

Limited Liability Company “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS” is the leading versatile manufacturer of the relay equipment under the RELSiS® trademark.

Our mission: to become the most reliable Ukrainian producer of the electronic automation equipment for the industry and the relay technique for the protection systems and automatic equipment applied in electric power industry which seeks to take the leading positions due to priority orientation to reliability and quality of a product.

The main directions of the activity of the LLC “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”:

  1. To develop and launch in mass production the devices and terminals of relay protection and automatic equipment for objects of power industry of 6-35-110 kV, including frequency automatic equipment, serviceability control of the voltage transformers, de-shunting , automatic dispatching power control. A wide range of the equipment with various functional purposes allows the customer to choose the device that is the most suitable for him and conforms to his requirements.
  2. To develop and launch in mass production the complete devices that are focused on the ultimate consumer such as: regional power companies, regional networks, industrial enterprises. This equipment provides to the consumer the finished "turnkey" solution and becomes more and more popular thanks to convenience of mounting, speed of change of outdated devices, simplicity of the diagram and convenience of service.
  3. To develop and launch in mass production time relays, phases control relays, voltage relays, current relays, intermediate relays, photo relays (twilight relays), electric engines protection devices and so on, that are used for automatic equipment and control of networks and objects. The relay of the VL, VS, EL, AL, NL, PE, REP, FR series and microprocessor devices of the RVTs, RDTs series are well-known to a wide range of experts not only in our country, but abroad as well.

The main principles of the LLC “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”:

  • First of all we care for our consumer.
  • If we have manufactured the fine device it doesn’t mean a limit for our development.
  • A new initiative and responsibility of the enterprise staff multiplied by mutual respect and trust of our clients are of exclusive value for us.

The advantages of the LLC “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”:

  • Own design office with the experts of high skill level.
  • Existence of own warehouse which provides efficiency of delivery.
  • Service, guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.
  • Existence of the wide nomenclature of the relay equipment and own projects.
  • Existence of the products modernization possibility taking into account the consumer requirements.
  • We have been working in the RZA market during 35 years. Long-term experience is the basis for full understanding and implementation of the customer requirements.