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Automatic Load Transfer Switch


Device of automatic switching of power supply UAVR-01 is intended for switching-in of a reserve power supply (automatic input of reserve) in the circuits of the relay protection and substation automation on the switchgear of the power engineering objects of 0,4 - 35 kV with two sections of substation busbars.

UAVR-01 can provide the automatic restoration of the normal mode after automatic input of reserve switching-in for the subsequent voltage restoration on the supplying line of the turned-off input.

  • High operating characteristics
  • Voltage measurement and indication on the inputs
  • Two operating modes of the function the automatic restoration of the normal mode
  • Built-in digital display
  • Service simplicity


  • 2-line voltage checking to inputs switches on AT-1(2) (auxiliary transformer) or VT (100, 220 or 380 V according to the version of two-input transformers) (voltage transformer);
  • Voltage presence control on the first and second busbars (1-line voltage 100 V) by means of two discrete inputs;
  • Device power supply from the voltage control circuits to the input switch;
  • The automatic input of reserve working mode with self-reset or without self-reset;
  • • Settings control (via menu) on voltage (from AT-1 and AT-2) and time delay for each of two inputs separately;
  • Start-up of the automatic input of reserve busbars under condition of the voltage reduction with the voltage presence control on the next section;
  • Voltage presence control on reserve power source for the automatic input of reserve;
  • Two modes of the automatic restoration of the normal mode working (“Return with disconnection” or “Return without disconnection”) are installed by means of software (via menu);
  • LED indication of the switches position of the inputs and section one and also voltage presence to the inputs and on the sections;
  • Lock of the automatic input of reserve working on discrete input and lock release at signal switching off from the input;
  • Possibility of expeditious shutdown of the automatic input of reserve return function through discrete input;
  • Constant automatic control of the device serviceability and voltage presence of power supply.