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Current Time Relays
VL-104, VL-104А

VL-104, VL-104А - current time relays

  • These relays are used in schemes of devices of relay protection on alternating operational current for obtaining adjustable time delay and are turned on directly in a secondary chain of measuring transformers of current.
  • Three independent chains.

Working conditions

The closed production housings located in areas with a temperate and frigid climate (execution of U3).
Range of working temperatures from minus 40 up to 55 °C.
Impact of vibration with acceleration up to 3g in the range of frequencies from 5 to 15 Hz, with acceleration up to 2g in the range of frequencies from 15 to 100 Hz.
Relative humidity of air of 80% at a temperature of 25 °C - for execution of U3.

Technical characteristics

Relay rated current on one or two phases, А 5
Frequency of alternating current (depends on model), Hz 50
Minimum working current of the relay (Imin), А 2
The relays allow long current on primary windings of transformers (the first phase: contacts 1-2, the second phase: contacts 10-11) up to 10A; and within 10 seconds – up to 150 A.
Power consumption of the relay at rated current for each supply circuit, not more than 6 VA
Number of output circuits with independent settings of time delay 3
- with passing contact 1st и 2nd circuit
- with make conact 3rd circuit
The limits of settings of time delays:
- lower limit of the first circuit (Т1) 0,1 s
- lower limit of the second circuit (Т2) Т1 + 0,5 s
- lower limit of the third circuit (Т3) Т2 + 0,5 s
- top limit of the settings of all three circuits 9,9 s
The range of controlled time delay 0,1 - 9,9 s
Discretization of settings control 0,1 s
Control mode of the time settings in steps
At installation of time delay it is necessary to execute the following sequence:
Т1 ≥ 0,1 s;     Т2 > Т1 + 0,5 s;     Т3 > Т2 + 0,5 s
Time of closed condition of passing contacts 0,4 ± 0,04 s
Time of repeated readiness, not more than 0,1 s
Long allowable current of contacts 5 А
Switching capacity of the contacts at voltages from 24 to 250 V:
- in the circuits of direct current at τ ≥ 0,02 s 30 W
- in the circuits of alternating current at cosφ ≥ 0,4 400 VA
Electrical endurance of the relay contacts (without loading) 200 000 cycles

Action chart of work:

VL-104, VL-104А - function diagram

ВЛ-104, ВЛ-104А - схема подключения
Time delay is begun at outputs contacting:
VL-104: 3 and 12, or 4 and 12 or both couples together;
VL-104А: 3 и 4.

VL-104, VL-104А - outside and linkage dimensions
Outside and linkage dimensions of VL-104, VL-104А

When forming the order it is necessary to specify: name and type of the relay; climatic modification and category of placement; rated voltage, type of current and frequency of supply voltage; range of settings of time delay; number of specifications; need of delivery and number of copies of the operation manual.
Example of record of designation of the VL-104A relay at his order and in documentation of other product:
«Time relay VL-104A U3, 220 V, 50 Hz, 0,1-9,9 s»