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Relay of Maximum Current

AL-3-V - relay of maximum current

Two-phase relays of the maximum current with independent time delay (without operational supply voltage) AL-3-V series are intended for using in the circuits of the relay protection and emergency control system as devices which react on current increase in the controlled circuit and must actuate electric circuits under condition of reaching by controlled parameters of the determined levels. The relays are the modern microprocessor analogs of electromechanical and microelectronic current relays.


  • Universality: wide range of actuating currents from 1 to 30 A in the same version with time delay 0,1...99 s.; possibility of the relay connection for the action in the single-phase and two-phase modes;
  • Considerably smaller platform for installation of the relay;
  • Presence of several time - current characteristics which are set by T setting;
  • The relay doesn't demand adjustment, fine tuning and other scheduled works;
  • Existence of LED indication of the actuating of the output relay;
  • Lack of an overvoltage, created by coils of electromechanical relays of current and time;
  • Operating temperature range, from -40 °С to +55 °С;

Technical characteristics

The type of the relay version The range of the settings Rated current The range of the actuating time delay
On actuating current of the maximum current protection On actuating current of the cutoff current Frequency rate of the cutoff current
AL-3-V 1-5 А
4-14 А
12-99 А
- - 2,5 A
6,3 A
16 A
0,1-99,00 s

Current of the long-term thermalstability 2 Irated
The number of output relay 1
The type and the number of relay contacts 1 make contact and 1 break contact
Actuating time of output relay AL-3-V (the setting equals to zero) at increase in current from zero to:
    -1,2 actuating current
    -3,0 actuating current

not more than 60 ms
not more than 50 ms

The relay is installed by means of projection mounting with front/back connection of external wires (by screw).

AL-3-V - scheme of external connections
Scheme of external connections of the relay of the AL-3-V series

AL-3-V - outside dimensions
Outside dimensions

The relays can be operated in the following conditions: - the closed premises (without heating) where temperature and humidity insignificantly differ from temperature and humidity of air; - range of working temperatures from - 40 to + 55 ºС with a height of area up to 2000 m above sea level, relative humidity of air - to 98% at a temperature of 25 ºС (execution of U3).

Use of inexpensive and reliable relays of the AL-3-V series allows (quickly and with small financial and labor expenses) to solve a problem of replacement of the outdated equipment.