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Time Relay with Week / Daily Cycle

RVC-03-2 - time relay with  week / daily cycle

The time relay RVC-03-2 (cyclic and three-chain relay) is intended for switching-in and switching-off of various domestic and industrial devices according to the certain (previously installed) program in real time.

  • Three independent channels (3 relays) of control by connected devices.
  • The settings are given in real time.
  • Indication of current time including at a temperature up to minus 20 °С.
  • Programs remain in memory at the relay disconnection from supply voltage.
  • Universal power supply (2 modifications).
  • Weekly repetition of the programmed switching-in and switching-off with indication of actuating time, the day of the week, the channel number; possibility of daily cycles of operations on the set days or only on working (or day off) days.

Technical characteristics

Power supply  
Rated supply voltage (on ranges):
direct and alternating current with frequency 50 Hz
AC/DC 24-42
AC/DC 110-240
Power consumption, not more than 5 VА (5 W)
Course error in days, not more than ± 4 sec
Margin of the course of hours, not less 150 h
Maximum number of relay settings 60
Number of independent circuits of control 3
Number of relay contacts 3 change-over contacts
Long allowable current of contacts 8 А
Maximum power handling of output contacts of active load
of active load
2000 W
(ACI - 8А/250V)
The range of working temperature -20...+55 °С
Protection level of timer / terminal IP40 / IP10
Weight, not more than 0,3 kg

Modifications of relay RVC-03-2

Modifications Plotted function Course reserve Discretization of
RVC-03-21 1 150
1 min
RVC-03-22 2 1 sec
RVC-03-23 1 not 1 min
RVC-03-24 2 1 sec

RVC-03-2 - connection circuit
Connection circuit RVC-03-2

At the order it is necessary to point: modification and supply voltage.
Example of order: Time relay «RVC-03-2, 110-240V»