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Voltage Relays
NL-6А-1, NL-6А-2, NL-7А-1, NL-8А-1, NL-9А

NL-6А-2 - voltage relays


Voltage relays are designed for switching of DC and AC circuits provided that the controlled voltage reaches the preset level. Relays should be installed indoors where the temperature can vary from -40 to +55 °C, and the relative humidity of the ambient air is up to 80% at 25 °C. The environment must be non-explosive and free of dust and gases that could damage the insulation of the relay. The vibration of the relay mounting points must not exceed: a) 3g in the frequency range up to 15 Hz; b) 2g in the frequency range up to 100 Hz.

Basic technical data

The main parameters of the relay are shown in the Table. The relays NL‑6А‑1, NL‑6А‑2, NL‑7А‑1, NL‑8А‑1 and NL‑8А have one threshold of actuating and release. More over, the relays NL‑6А‑1, NL‑6А‑2, NL‑8А‑1 and NL‑8А have a scale adjustment for the switching-ON voltage, and the relay NL‑7А‑1 - for the switching-OFF voltage. The relay NL‑9А has two thresholds of actuating and release (relay contacts remain closed in the voltage range set on the scale). The relay NL‑6А‑2 has a delay of switching-on which can be regulated by means of switches on the front panel of the relay within 1 to 60 seconds with the step in 1 second. The relays NL‑6А‑1, NL‑6А‑2, NL‑7А‑1 and NL‑8A‑1 have a wide setting range for monitored voltages.

The relay actuating time and release time (when the monitored voltage changes from 1,1 to 0,8 of the setting value) are not more than 0,05 s.

voltage, V
Range (subrange)
of settings, V
Discreteness, V Return
Number and
type of contacts
NL-6А-1 ~220 15-235 1 0,90-0,95 2 change-over contacts
NL-6А-2 ~110 15-132 1 0,90-0,95 2 change-over contacts
NL-7А-1 ~220 15-195 1 0,95 2 change-over contacts
NL-8А-1 =220 18-235 1 0,95 2 change-over contacts
NL-9А =110
2 0,95-1,05 2 change-over contacts
1 0,95-1,05 2 change-over contacts

The relays switch the currents from 0,02 to 2,00 A at voltages from 24 to 250 V and power values:

  • in DC circuits - not more than 60 W at τ=0,005 s and not more than 30 W at τ=0.02 s;
  • in AC circuits - not more than 300 VA at cosϕ⩾0,5.

Long-term allowable contacts current is not more than 4A.
Mechanical durability of the relay is not less than 100 000 cycles, switching durability - not less than 20,000 cycles.
Relay weight is not more than 0,3 kg.
Protection degree: enclosure - IP40; contact terminals - IP20.
The relays can be mounted on a plane or on a DIN-35 rail.
The average basic error at any point of the scale with numerical marks does not exceed 5% of the setting, the difference is not more than 0,5% of the setting.
The average basic error at the end of the service life does not exceed 10%.