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LLC “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”

Being an assignee of JSC “Electrotechnical Plant” (Kiev), Limited Liability Company “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS” is the versatile enterprise which carries out a full working cycle for producing competitive devices under the “RELSiS” trademark. The working cycle includes following stages:

  • market researches and analysis of consumers inquiries;
  • research and development work;
  • mass production of the certified devices.

Elcom ISO9001

For more than 30 years our specialists have been developing and making relay equipment products for industry objects automation including power industry. To satisfy the modernization prospects of relay equipment and energy saving our company is in the process of continuous development, actively cooperates with customers, constantly giving technical and service support.

ВAll products of the company “RELSiS” are manufactured on the modern hi-tech equipment with use of the best domestic and import element base and are differed by high quality, functionality, accuracy of the measured and controlled parameters.

At present the list of produced products includes more than 120 types of electrotechnical goods – from electromechanical relays to the intelligent microprocessor devices meeting the modern requirements. The relay of the VL, VS, EL, AL, NL, PE, REP, FR series, microprocessor devices of the RVC, RDC, RZL, UKN, USDM, URCh series are well-known to a wide range of experts not only in our country, but abroad as well.

The strategic direction of the enterprise progress is the equipment development and its mass production for power industry. First of all, it is a line of the relay protection microprocessor devices of the RZL series which we have been producing since 2003. A wide range of the equipment with various functional purposes constructed on separate platforms and in different price categories allows the customer to choose the device that is the most suitable for him and conforms to his requirements. The RZA microprocessor devices produced by company “RELSiS” have different sources of power supply and can be used in difficult working conditions and in the range of ambient air temperatures from -40˚С to +60˚С.

There is a line of complete devices in the product range.These devices are focused on the ultimate consumer such as: regional power companies, regional networks, industrial enterprises. Thanks to convenience of mounting, speed of change of outdated devices, simplicity of the diagram and convenience of service, this equipment becomes more and more popular among our customers. Complete devices include the small-sized NKU of the KRZA series adapted for installation in cells of KRU, YaKNO, KSO, complete substations of the K-47, 54 type and other types, and also stationary cabinets of the RZShT series.

Besides the company “RELSiS” offers three classes of the RDC seriesdevices with different functional purposes for electromotors protection with a rated supply voltage from 220 V to 6 kV. Our enterprise launched production of electromotors protection control stations (SUZD). The stations are used for the operation with the three-phase asynchronous engines (550 W– 350 kW) produced by different manufacturers.

To confirm our leading place of the device-making enterprise in the electrotechnical industry, we constantly expand the list of goods by launching new types of products. At the same time through the wide dealer network the company “RELSiS” delivers production both on internal and on external markets.

In the shortest possible time the company “RELSiS” is ready to launch new products and details according to the customer documentation and also to develop new "turnkey" solutions using own design office. We give to the customer an opportunity of the complex solution of the production tasks at all the fabrication stages:development, technical design, redesign, products samples production, possibility of operation on raw materials supplied by the customer, manufacture and mounting of printed circuit boards, selection and production of the plastic, metal welded or combined casings, test and testing of electronic devices, casting of plastic, metal working, package of production.The modern laboratory base, which is equipped by the advanced devices and stands for carrying out research and development and tests, was created.

ДFor the device developer cooperation with us is not only a way of more effective use of resources and increase of own competitiveness, but also the possibility to avoid the majority of the problems connected with the production activity.

The company “RELSiS” is dynamically developing enterprise with a full production cycle. Business relations with our company can be very useful for existing and potential customers of production services on a contract basis.