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Time Relay with Voltage Control

VL-103А - time relay with voltage control


The relays are used in the schemes of relay protection and system automatic equipments for obtaining time delay for return after shutdown of supply voltage or when decrease voltage is lower than a certain value (2 relays in one - RN-54 and RV-03 or RV135).

Working conditions

The closed production housings located in areas with a temperate and frigid climate (execution of U3).
Range of working temperatures from minus 40 up to 55 °C.
Impact of vibration with acceleration up to 3g in the range of frequencies from 5 to 15 Hz, with acceleration up to 2g in the range of frequencies from 15 to 100 Hz.
Relative humidity of air of 80% at a temperature of 25 °C - for execution of U3.

Technical characteristics

Power supply, input VL-103А
Supply voltage, V Direct current 110, 220
Alternating current with frequency 50 Hz 100, 110, 220, 380
Discretization of setting control from maximum setting of the range not more than 2,5 %
Voltage of the actuation, V 80% Urated
Return voltage, V From 50% to 75% Urated
Power consumption, not more than 5 W (5 VA)
Number of circuits without time delay 1
Number of circuits with controlled time delay 1
Number and type of contacts 1 – change-over contact
2 – make contacts
The range of settings control on time delay (on versions): from 0,12 to 5 s
from 0,25 to 10 s
from 0,5 to 20 s
Time of repeated readiness, s, not more than 0,3
Return time, s, not more than indicated on a scale
Mechanical durability, cycles, not less 105

Action chart of work:

VL-103А - function diagram

Switching currents from 0,2 to 3 А at the voltages from 24 to 250 V and at the power:
     in the circuits of direct current - not more than 60 W at τ=0,005 s and not more than 30 W at τ=0,02 s;
     in the circuits of alternating current - not more than 300 VА at power factor cosφ≥0,5.
The switching capacity of the relay has to correspond to the table below. At the same time long allowable current of output contacts has to be not more than 4 A; voltage drop in a chain of contacts has to be not more than 0,5 V; the minimum switched current - 0,01 A at a voltage not less than 24 V.

VL-103А - connection circuit
VL-103А - connection circuit

VL-103А - outside and linkage dimensions
Outside and linkage dimensions of VL-103А