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The RZA-POSTACH Trading House

The RZA-POSTACH trading house

The RZA-POSTACH trading house represents production of the Limited Liability Company “Scientific and Production Enterprise “RELSiS”, which is the vendor of a full range of relay technique - from the relay to the RZA microprocessor terminals and cabinets of telemechanics under the RELSiS® trademark. The personnel of the RZA-POSTACH trading house have a long-term experience of the enterprises complex providing in the industrial and energy sector.

A big variety of relay techniques allows to choose the optimal solution both from the point of view of the technical requirements and from the point of view of the cost.

Choosing production of the RELSiS® trademark, you receive:

  • hi-tech, high-quality and reliable equipment;
  • technical support during the operation time;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance;
  • expeditious deliveries.

RZA-POSTACH trading house (Limited Liability Company “RZA-POSTACH”)
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