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Plastic casting

Our company provides services in the field of products construction from plastics and press molds.

Manufacture of parts from thermoplastic materials by molding under pressure.

Литье пластмасс

The used materials:

  • high-impact polystyrene HIPS (different types); polystyrene PSS; polypropylene; high and low pressure polyethylene; plastic ABS; the weight of casting is 16… 800 g.
  • polycarbonate; the weight of casting is 16… 250 g.
  • glass-nylon composites and talc-filled polyamides; the weight of casting is 16… 250 g.
  • copolymers based on formaldehyde and dioxolane (STD, SFD); the weight of casting is 16… 55 g.

Manufacture of fine-module gear wheels from antifriction composition SFD – VM – BS (or similar compositions); the weight of part is 0,13 … 4,0 g.

The following information is required to determine the cost of a plastic casting order:

  • Mold availability;
  • Drawing or sketch with dimensions, or product layout;
  • Technical parameters (working characteristics) of the product;
  • Product material;
  • Monthly or one-time order volume;
  • Volume (weight) of one product;
  • Color of the product;
  • Terms and conditions of delivery.

The price will include all necessary additional services such as fitting, setup, test launch, cutting, processing of defective material into original material.

By contacting us using phone or e-mail you can discuss further work on placing an order for plastic casting.

Contact person (concerning contract manufacturing):
Vitaliy Polyakovskiy
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