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Auxiliary Two-position Relay

PE46А - auxiliary relay

Auxiliary two-position relays PE46A are intended for the switching of the electric loads in the protection circuits, control and automation of the electrical power and industrial equipment.

The relays are used in the enclosed space located in areas with a temperate and frigid climate where temperature range is from - 40 to + 55 ºС and relative humidity not more than 98% at a temperature + 25 ºС (climatic modification of U3).

The place of the relay mounting must be protected from impact of an atmospheric precipitation and solar radiation.

Technical characteristics

Supply voltage (two versions) АС/DC: 100, 110
АС/DC: 220 V
Consumption current:
     in an impulse
(the same for both inputs)

not more than 100 mA
not more than 15 mA
Power consumption not more than 3 W (VA)
Allowable limits of supply voltage (from nominal one) from 0,8 to 1,1
The number of output contacts 3 change-over contacts and 1 make contact
The range of switched voltages 12 - 250 V
The disconnected power, not more than:
     alternating current (cosφ ≥ 0,5)
     direct current (τ ≤ 0,005 s)

450 VА
50 W
Electrical endurance, cycles not less – 100 000
Test voltage among independent contacts groups and among these groups and control inputs 2 500 V
Window square of contact terminal 4 mm2, that provides to connect two wires with section up 1,5 mm2

Design and operation of the relay

The connection scheme of the relay is given in the drawing below, and also on the front panel of the relay enclosure. The positions of the contacts are shown for the relay at the delivery by the manufacturer and also under condition of giving voltage on the plugs A1 - A2. For switching of contacts to opposite position it is necessary to give voltage on the plugs A3 – A2. At voltage switching off the positions of the contacts are remained. At simultaneous giving of voltage to the plugs A1 – A2 and A3 – A2 or when voltage is given to any pair of plugs under condition of existing voltage on other couple of plugs, the contacts will pass into such position according to pair of plugs to what the voltage has been given earlier. The relay control can be made both a direct and alternating current using the same inputs by means of a short impulse lasting not less than 0,3 s or voltage switching on the corresponding input for a long time. The relay is made in the modular enclosure and allows the mounting on the DIN-rail 35 mm or on the plane.

Connection diagram

PE46А - connection diagram

Connection diagram of the relay PE46A