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Temperature Monitoring Relay


Temperature monitoring relay UKT-01 provides control of an emergence of the out-of-specification temperature modes ( up to 5 control points) and is used for equipment protection because of an excessive overheat.


The device is intended for:

  • measurement and control of temperature of electrical machines, including coils (indirectly through enclosure temperature), bearings and other parts of the electric motor;
  • to avoid an excessive temperature growth and an emergence of the out-of-specification temperature modes;
  • to give a warning signal about excess of the established temperature of heating of the electric motor controlled parts;
  • to disconnect switch control apparatus by breaking of a circuit of load control (switching of electrical alternating current circuits) in case ofan excessive temperature growth;
  • indication of the temperature current value of the channel (for choice).

Technical characteristics

The number of the channels of the temperature control 5
The range of the measured temperatures from 0 to 99 ºС
Reference error of the temperature measurement not more than ±2 ºС *
The range of the actuating settings on temperature 35…99 ºС
Return temperature, controlled 35…97 ºС
Indication range of the controlled temperatures 0…99 ºС
The number of the output relays (К1…К5 – these relays are actuated at excess of temperature in the relevant channel; К6 – signalization of the wire-break or failure of any of temperature sensors) 6
The number of contacts of the output relays (make contacts) 6
Switching capacity in the AC circuits, not less 250VA, АС-22
30 W DС-22
The number of LED indicators (Т1…Т5 – two-color indicators, green color means that temperature is normal, red one – an excess of temperature, relevant relay is actuated; К6 – relay К6 is actuated) 6
Supply voltage 88...264 V DC/AC 50 Hz
Power consumption не более 5 W
Operating temperature range - 40...+55 ºС
* it depends on thermal resistance between control zone and the sensor of temperature

УКТ-01 - датчик температуры
Appearance and outside dimensions of the temperature sensor
(the maximum length of a cable from the sensor to the device - 30 m).