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Industrial control system RELSiS – ICS of substation level
for local and remote management and monitoring

The decision on management by connection on the basis of Modbus - the distributed modular system of control with the microprocessor relays and controllers. SCADA RELSiS is a simple and flexible decision taking into account all wishes of the customer. The functionality of system can be expanded due to additional functions.

Simple and clear integration into the system of the RELSIS relay protection microprocessor devices is the base for receiving the maximum return from implementation of end-to-end solution "the device + system".

Integration of devices of other vendors according to the protocol Modbus is possible. The system can work as the lower hierarchical level for the distributed ACS of the enterprises of power.


System core

  • It is based on the control system of the database Microsoft SQL Server
  • Access to the core of the system is carried out on WEB TECHNOLOGY with providing most protected traffic
  • The number of clients is unlimited, installation of the special software for access to the system is not required
  • Time synchronization for devices and components of system
  • Condition diagnostics of the system components

User interface

  • Display of the unilinear scheme of an object with transitions to detailed mimic frames
  • Big library of symbols of mimic schemes. Use of mimic symbols of the user
  • Mimic frames of system architecture
  • The visual and sound alarm system at violations
  • Reports on measurements in tabular and graphic forms, additional calculations. Reports archive – up to 3 years. Simple export of data to office applications
  • Control of balances and overflows at the level of feeders and substation. Control of loading schedules.
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Safe control

  • The three-level security arrangement with mandatory authorization of the user guarantees the reliable and protected control of an object
  • Technology "The choice before control"
  • Blocking of simultaneous commands
  • Expeditious blocking

The functionality of system

  • Control automation
  • Monitoring
  • Definition of damages
  • Archive of events and accidents
  • Reports on measurements, expected values
  • Remote control
  • Viewing and analysis of oscillograms of violations

Relay protection devices provide

  • Protection and automation
  • Control and monitoring
  • Blocking
  • Record of oscillograms of violations