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Photo relays (the “twilight” relays)
FR-02, FR-03, FR-04

FR-02 - photo relays (the “twilight” relays)

The relay is intended for automatic inclusion and shutdown of lighting (or other devices), at decrease (increase) in illumination of the photosensor of the relay, and can be used as the separate device or as the component in devices of industrial automatic equipment.

Technical characteristics

FR-02, FR-04 - for application in the closed premises (protection level IP10);
FR-03 - for application on the open areas under a canopy (protection level IP54).

The relay can be installed on the plane or on the DIN-rail (35 mm) . The photo relay is located in the plastic enclosure. The printed circuit board with the radioelements is placed in the enclosure. Regulating resistor of the actuating limit of the photo relay is on the front panel . The contact terminals with clips are placed on the front panel for the connection of the external wires.

The name of the characteristic Value
Supply voltage (DC/AC 50 Hz) 170...250 V*
Power consumption, not more than 3 VА (W)
Actuating limit of the relay at illumination 2...20 candle-meter
Switching capacity of the relayat U=245 V and active load, not more than:
FR-02, FR-03

up to 5 А
up to 10 А
Load disconnecting delay 5...7 sec
Weight, not more than 0,2 kg
Operating temperature range -40...+55 ºС
Outside dimensions 45х70х100 mm
* - The relays using different supply voltages can be manufactured by the separate order.

The photosensitive element in the FR-02 relay is portable (it is included in the delivery package), in the FR-03 relay - embedded one.When giving supply voltage on the relay and provided that the illumination level of the photosensor is higher than a setting, the output relay is switched-off (contacts are opened).When darkness comes or if the photosensor is covered by the protective screen, the output relay will actuate and switch the contacts. At the screen removal contacts will be opened in 5…7 seconds. Such delay is necessary for the protection against impact of short-term flashes.

The FR-04 relay has time delay regulated variable of the switched-in state in the range from 0,5 to 5 h. The relay actuates at nightfall and through the determined time reverts to the original state.

The relays FR-02, FR-04 can be installed on the plane or on the DIN-rail (35mm).

It is possible to connect one or two wires with a section from 0,2 to 1,5 mm2 to each terminal of the relay of the FR series. The installation place of the relay has to be protected from penetration of water, oil or solar radiation, and also the possibility of heating of the relay enclosure up to the temperature higher 55ºС has to be excluded.The portable photosensor is installed on any panel up to 5 mm thick in a hole with a diameter of 10 mm and is fastened by a nut, and then wires of the sensor are connected to relay terminals.The face side of the sensor has to be directed towards a light source from which the relay has to turn on. Moreover, sensor face has to be closed from other light sources.

ATTENTION! The relays have no galvanic isolation between network of the supply voltage and other elements of the scheme therefore connection or removal of the photosensor can be made only at the switched-off relay.

The FR-03 relay has the protected design. The photosensor of the relay is located in the enclosure.The relay can be installed on the metal panel and fastened by the M3 screw. The scheme of the relay switching on depends on need of connection or shutdown of the load in the case of increase in illumination.