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Automatic Control of Transformers Under Loading
RZL-05.Кх VR


Purpose of the device

The terminals are intended for full performance of function of control by the electric drive of the power transformer (with 2 or 3 coils) under loading (TUL) at the automatic and manual control of the transformer voltage by means of change of coefficients of transformation of the transformer, checking of voltage level and supporting it in needed limits (given by settings) by formation of control commands by the actuation mechanism (TUL) and control of its work; realization of logic of necessary blockings and functions of protection.

Functions of automatic equipment and alarm system:

  • Automatic supporting of the voltage in the needed limits;
  • Correction of the level of the adjustable voltage using the current of the loading;
  • Formation of the impulse control commands for the electric drives TUL;
  • Checking of suitability of the electric drives TUL in impulse operating mode;/li>
  • Simultaneous control of two systems of buses;
  • Operative switching of the regulation from one system of buses to other one;
  • Blocking of work and signalling at failure detection of the electric drive TUL;
  • Control blocking by external relay signals;
  • Control blocking and signalling at overloading detection, exceeding 3U0 or at undervoltage;
  • Operative change of voltage setting from one (in advance chosen) value on another;
  • Displaying and transferring (remotely) of the position of TUL.

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